Expanding industries clearly need a lot of organizational tools for work-efficient and cost-effective production. The Kit Cart™ Pipe and Joint System is the best answer for industrial material handling and proper lean management such that it creates workstations that are flexible, storable, and transportable.

The Kit Cart™ Pipe and Joint System introduce a connect-a-tube system to expanding industries to efficiently hasten packaging and manufacturing of products while observing lean management. Its flexible nature allows users to create carts, racks, trolleys, stack shelves and tables and frames. The secret is found in the variety of available high-grade plastic joints available that is fastened between pipes. It has available joints made for frequent bending and angling. Also, since it is made of tubes and joints, it is easy to add layers or segments when needed. When need to collapse, the pipe-and-joint system can also easily be disassembled for keeping.

Furthermore, since lean management primarily focuses on cleanliness and efficiency in the workplace, the pipe and joint system help organize things and if assembled properly, can create stackable storage shelves, bins, and carts. Its high-grade steel pipes and bespoke nature are designed to withstand heavy load, thus able to store equipment, office supplies, and industrial tool boxes together. Having enough facilities for storage and transport systematically decreases waste around the industry may it be in the form of time, money or materials.
Finally, the Kit Cart™ is composed of lightweight pipes and joints such that it is easy to transport and does not add much to the already heavy load. In case of moving or transporting equipment, this system has available rollers to create trolley racks. This technology allows easy delivery of goods from one spot to the other around industries and factories. Also, instead of additionally hiring storage vans when purchasing storage shelves and racks, the pipe and joint system introduce users to a more cost-efficient self-assembly system where the racks and carts may be set up on spot. By connecting the tubes with the right joints available (parallel, angled or harnessed type joints), any storage facility is possible.

Shifting to this bespoke technology such as the Kit Cart™ ensures a lot of savings. For once, there is no need to canvass around different suppliers for shelves, racks and storage facilities. The pipe and joint system can create all these facilities with its bespoke nature. Also, opting for this technology allows users to be creative when designing their very own customized workstation facilities. Thus, investing for the pipe and joint system ensures having flexible, storable, and transportable facilities in the workplace promising cost-efficiency and work-efficient manufacturing for every industry.

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