Sustainable transport pallets may often be tagged as the lowest system to be considered in a lifecycle of a product. These warehouse workhorses are often taken for granted, abused and mistreated. Little did we know that they connect the retailers, distributors, manufacturers and logistics service providers across industries making transportation processes seamless and convenient.

Sustainable transport pallets play a vital role in transporting products from one place to another. With that being said, it is significant for us to choose the best choice of transport. Some of the factors that must be considered are the end product. Food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and electronics vary from each other in the sense that they require different specific shipping requirements. The shape, size and raw materials that are used to produce the transport pallet are also critical. The right choice can not only ensure a smoothly running process but it also keeps our business from any unnecessary waste.

Traditionally, sustainable transport pallets are made of wood and are still being used nowadays, one advantage of this is that it is free from any harmful chemicals and when depreciated, it can always be shredded into mulch which is a very effective way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Plastic transport pallets are also gaining acceptance for their advantages as well. Unlike wood, plastic transport pallets cause less damage to the items and equipment which means lesser employee injuries. Also, their durability is exponentially greater than the wooden transport pallets.

It is said that it is better to manufacture a product where you have to invest a little bit more than the traditional pricing in exchange for a much durable product, than using a cheaper one with a greater residual value. In today’s battle with climate change and constant campaign for a much healthier, holistic and greener environment, Xpallet™ Plastic Pallet is XPAC Technologies’ response to this necessity. XPAC Technologies aims to manufacture the material of the next generation for a more sustainable and responsible packaging industry.

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