Sustainable Packaging Solution – Let’s break down the sustainable impacts of using plastic in today’s modern packaging industry.

The major point of sustainable packaging solution is that manufacturers need to consider the purpose of packaging which is to preserve and protect the goods and get them where they are supposed to be, using products which use the minimum feasible quantity of raw materials and enhance the useful life of the product. One thing that most sustainable packaging solution companies are trying to reduce as much plastic as possible in the belief that plastic is the main enemy for today’s environmental crisis.

A recent campaign focusing on the environmental impacts of plastic says otherwise. For the team of Plastic Packaging Facts, plastics are beneficial in various ways across all industries and market sectors. With the plastic’s overwhelming durability and other characteristics, it allows the product to help prevent product loss and extend the shelf life that has a very dramatic significance in shipping products with lesser packaging material and eventually reduce product and packaging waste.

Apparently, a study conducted based on natural capital accounting methods by Trucost (2014) entitled: “Valuing Plastics” states a different stand on plastics. It was, later on, found out that replacing plastics and alternative material that gives the same function will have a drastic increase in environmental costs from $139 billion to $533 billion every year. This is in reference to the plastics with stronger and lighter that helps us do more with using the minimum material. With this being said, it is guaranteed that not only will it reduce material waste but also prevent too much energy consumption.

Although the majority of the population today still believe that using plastic is something that we need to slowly eradicate. That using products with higher biodegradable quality, in line with the principles of sustainable packaging solution, are much more preferred. Now, constant debates are being conducted to get to the bottom of this issue.

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