The right bubbly choice – Since the early 1950s, when two engineers – Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes accidentally created the bubble wrap, it has since then become the beginning of the development of modern protective packaging solutions. Part of its progress is the production of new varieties of the classic bubble wrap. It has been long since the creation of the bubble wrap by serendipity, proving man’s innovation of the product to be dynamic.

Given the bubble wrap’s versatility, it can protect a wide scope of products. With this being said, it is essential to choose the right kind of bubble wrap in protecting a specific product to ensure optimum protection.

The Foam-backed Bubble Wrap (the right bubbly choice) has an added foam layer that provides extra surface protection without taking a lot of space. It is ideal for wrapping items that will constantly move around during transit. The foam can also absorb light impact; this type is widely used in protecting products with a highly-sensitive finish. When trying to choose a more practical and economical type of bubble wrap, the Self-adhesive Bubble Wrap is a way to go. It is composed of standard bubble wrap and double-sided tape which allows the film to remain intact. This is very suitable for glasses, flat screen TVs and other items with sensitive surfaces. The adhesive that comes with this bubble wrap can be easily removed and it does not leave any residue of the tape onto the surface. The Anti-Static Bubble Wrap prevents static to easily build up by dissipating the static charge within the packaging. This type is suitable for items that are prone to damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD), such as common electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Using the anti-static bubble wrap protects these products from ESD damage. Environment-friendly Bubble Wraps are perfect for any item; it provides the same protection as the standard bubble wrap. There are also other variants of this type; environmental bubble wraps are mostly made out of 40 percent recycled plastic and are also oxo-degradable, which means they reduce their negative impact on the environment over the course of time.

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