There is nothing more disappointing than receiving your long-awaited package – damaged. This not only destroys the reputation of the business, but this can also lower the confidence of the recipients to the packaging industry that is purely focused on maintaining the packages in their best shape while being stored and transported. Good thing we have collected these few pro tips for a more reliable protective packaging to secure your packages while in transit! Not only these can save up time rather than spend your day in the post office complaining about your damaged goods, but these can also help you save much money on shipping costs!

Fabric or Cloth Bags should remain a no-no. Fabrics and cloths can be very attractive, but their flowing characteristic provides almost zero percent protection to your parcels. They can be slippery and the last thing that we want to happen is for the item to cause friction between surfaces. Use a robust material instead.

Use modern, double-walled boxes. Exterior packaging is the first support of the entire package. With that being said, it is essential to have a very durable exterior to achieve a more reliable protective packaging and prevent any movement or impact inside. Reusing old boxes can mean diminished durability, which makes the box wobbly, sloppy and unreliable.

Parcel Tapes, not Sellotapes. Household tapes or sellotapes are useful when taping household items or if being used in crafts but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best choice for packing your items. Parcel tapes that are around two inches in width are the best choice in packing your products. No matter how many layers you use with a normal sellotape, it will still not secure your parcel.

These few pro tips can be the basis for a secure and fully protected parcel, in delivering packages using a more reliable protective packaging wherever the recipient is in the world.

Your packages, no matter what they are needs to be fully protected.

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