Protective Product Packaging Industry

Protective product packaging industry is a wide, multi-channeled system consisting of multiple parts. It is made up of processes that need to be followed properly, requirements that need to be fulfilled and conditions that need to be met. There are quite a number of things to consider when packaging your goods, but let’s try to break them down into five (5) questions.

How and where will the products be delivered?

Mode of transportation and destination are on the top of this list because it will determine if the method of delivery is suitable for the product. Will the products be mailed? Will it be transported by rail or truck? No matter how strong or durable the protection for the package is if it’s not a suitable method, problems from other factors might arise.

How will products be distributed?

This question is tied directly to the first one. This would allow us to determine if we will or will not need the help of a third party, which will eventually allow us to decide if a secondary protective product packaging is necessary.

How will the products be stored?

And again, this question determines whether primary or secondary protective product packaging is necessary. As manufacturers, we need to think about how they are being stored. Will they be stored in a cold or hot area? Will the goods be stored outdoors or indoors? This is extremely vital especially for goods (like food and pharmaceutical products) that are very sensitive to temperature.

Will the product be sold in stores?

This question can be branched out depending on the answers “yes” or “no”. For example, if yes you would need to ask yourself if they will be displayed or not? If yes, where are we going to display it? Will its packaging design be enough to catch potential customer’s attention?

How will the product be used?

Although mostly related to primary packaging, this question allows us to conceptualize a protective product packaging solution that is relevant to the usage of the product. Will it need an easy open lid, or will it need a more secure packaging technique?

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