Protective Packaging Technique – There are usual practices that experienced packaging companies or individuals that they might have been doing wrong all these years and not know about it. In a previous entry, we have shared three tips on how to improve the protective packaging technique to ensure safety and making sure the items remain unspoiled.  These additional tips should allow you to have more options in maintaining the items’ protection and hope to correct some practices that might have been done incorrectly.

Paper cushions are good alternative cushioning material and classic protective packaging techniques but beware of the ink. In the rise of air cushioning materials and loose fill peanuts, the use of crumpled paper cushions have diminished dramatically, but it certainly did not make it obsolete. It is still a good cushioning material but just make sure to avoid the ink from leaving marks on your items. Newspapers can bleed off into other materials it contacts especially with items that can induce moisture within the packaging.

Provide complementary inside labels and business cards inside the item. There are unfortunate events that get out of our control that may destroy the exterior packaging. In order for the courier to continue delivering your package, it’s best to secure address and contact information in the first layer of packaging.

In the previous post, we mentioned that the best way to use packaging tape is through the H-tape method. But of course, you need to use the exact and most appropriate kind of tape to make that protective packaging technique work. Plastic or reinforced paper tapes that are usually at least 2-inches wide with a minimum of a 60lbs grade is designed perfectly for packaging. Never use ropes or strings in securing your packages, these materials can get caught on equipment and can break or destroy the item both outside and the inside.

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