Protective Packaging Solution –  Like any other manufacturing industry, the protective packaging solutions industry use raw materials from different sources to produce promising, useful and sustainable packaging products that companies can use for storing, shelving or traveling their goods from one place to another. Here are some of the most common packaging materials that we use across industries today.

Paper/ Fiberboard/ Cardboard are easily the simplest and most common packaging material ever since the advancement of the protective packaging solutions industry. Paper is used to making a large variety of smaller packaging products including labels, Kraft paper, paper bags, and a lot more. The most common application of fluted paper is that it is used for the production of corrugated boxes.

Created from polyethylene, the high-density polyethylene, and polyethylene terephthalate or more commonly known as “rigid plastics” coined because of its hard and unyielding characteristic. Both of these raw materials are extremely resistant to moisture but can still keep its protective structure at the maximum. The most common usage for these materials would be for plastic bottles, jugs and plastic bottle caps.

Get to know some of the daily packaging materials that shaped the face of the industry.

Low-density polyethylene and Linear low-density polyethylene are flexible raw materials used for primary and secondary products that are produced all around the world. Excellent puncture resistance is one of the characteristics that can be observed when touching the soft texture of the material. Low-density polyethylene is used to produce a variety of bags and flexible tubing that is used in packaging.

Aluminum, another very common element, is used for a wide variety of applications across industries and everywhere in the world. Although, the most common use of this material is for aluminum packaging, aluminum cans, and containers. This can also be applied to Foil packaging which is widely used in medical, food and beverage, cosmetic and many other businesses as a barrier protector.

The Glass is also one of the most consumed materials that are used to package liquids from the beverage industry as well as for medicine. Besides the aforementioned items, there are a lot more of materials that can be seen daily in a basic protective packaging solutions factory.

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