Protective Packaging Industry – 2017 has been quite a year of whirlwind turning points that changed the entire protective packaging industry role in the supply chain. This year opened a lot of doors for the industry to be better; it gained a lot of avenues for today’s e-commercial companies to develop new ways of making their packaging solutions better for their customers. 2017 also paved the way for holistic or sustainability packaging to be the “new normal” for a lot of companies all over the world. These two are only a few of this year’s highlights for the protective packaging industry solutions. And with these breakthroughs, we share some of the top predictions for the protective packaging industry in 2018.


According to several types of research, there is an expected growth of $975 billion by 2018 for the global packaging market. Various reports explore numerous reasons for this expected growth that includes innovative technical developments, cost per package, holistic and sustainable approaches and the growth of consumer class in all over the world.


In support to clean labeling, new nutritional labeling regulations for food is set to transition in 2018. Companies would need to make sure that it is clear to be on the packaging and labeling before launching the new products to the market. Companies would need to make sure that they provide nutritional content for the ingredients in food products, the serving size, expiration dates and the placement requirements for the package.


The industry has already set foot towards a more ecological approach, and in 2018 it is expected to be more focused on this environmental sustainability. This trend would force companies to come up and develop their own packaging solutions that are reusable by nature. By forcing the term “reusability”, you will be able to reach the latest milestones in sustainability for your company.

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