Protective Foam End Caps – The popularity of using foam in packaging products and items have been a widespread application for years, but is it really worth the cost? Whilst being incredibly versatile and effective, we may have been using it too much. We are made to believe that by covering the entire parcel with foam, we achieve optimum protection. As a matter of fact, a fully maximized packaging design should normally use less. The foams’ job is to eliminate damage while in transit, but we should be aware that the more foam we use, we waste more storage space, use more material and it has a higher transportation cost. PE Protective Foam End Caps are one of the simplest and easiest ways to protect fragile and valuable items. It provides cushion around the edges of the item suspending it in the middle of the outer packaging material and creating a gap between the product and the outside.

Using less material means a lesser environmental impact. This makes PE Protective Foam End Caps a perfect option for a more sustainable approach in today’s intelligent packaging solutions industry. Using Foam End Caps also reduces the overall package weight and volume while preventing transit damage that can usually cause products to be returned, replaced or at times being thrown away. It also gives off a stronger and trustworthy brand perception, loyalty and improves the chances of repeating business with satisfied customers.

The key benefit of this protective packaging method is that the amount of provisions that are used in production is greatly minimized for lower unit costs without compromising the protective quality of the product. On an environmental note, it allows the end-users to have a simpler recycling obligation.

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