Fibre Drum Packaging


Manufacturing World-Class Fibre Drum Products.

Innovative & Ecological

Raw materials are meticulously selected from a substainable & recycled sources

Comprehensive Application

Variety of options, beyond imagination that match every unique requirement

Radial & Axial Stress Resistant

Products are engineered to withstand stress during transit and storage

Fibre paper drum packaging or better known as “fibre drums” are globally popular as a packaging medium of a wide variety of products ranging from powder, granular, paste, solid to semi-liquid products and can be made to your specific needs and to UN Transport standards. Fibre drums are produced in standardized diameters, with fully customizable heights and weight constructions to specifically match the demands and requirements of customers and end users.


Lightweight Performance

facilitate handling operations and reduce shipping costs, without reducing product safety, thanks to the high axial and radial mechanical resistance to static and dynamic compression, stacking and impact from falling.

Product Protection

guranteed by the high coefficient of chemical, electrostatic, thermal inertia and insensitivity of UV rays.Addition aluminium, PE or sillicone liners can be applied to the drum both internally and externally.


for the end user, thanks to simple operations for the separation of the drum's different materials.

Easy To Fill And Empty

thanks to the full opening,easily removable and applicable cover. The fiber drum can be handled withe the use of forklifts and tippers.

Low Cost of Optimisation

of storage and shipping thanks to the wide range of diameters and heights available. The drum can be perfectly integrated into automated filling, emptying and palletizing processes.


in handling thanks to the side handles, CE approved lifting belts, pallet or tilters for drums. Up to one tonne in product weight can be safely handled in a fibre drum.