Clean, Safe and Easy RP

Historically, companies have relied on oils, grease and solvents to prevent rust on metal or metal parts. No matter what the formulation, these rust prevention liquids (RPs) have come at a “cost” — a cost to the environment, a cost to the health and safety of employees, and at a cost to a company’s bottom line for their failure rate to prevent rust effectively.

Armor Protective Packaging® has spent more than 40 years developing rust prevention methods that are clean, safe, easy and that “save” — save time, save money, and save metal/metal parts from damage and reworking.

While ARMOR offers a full line of paper and poly film packaging materials that contain its VCI Nanotechnology™ (which stands for vapor corrosion inhibitor) to keep the surface of metal free from rust, ARMOR also offers its own water-based RP called Dry Coat.

We at ARMOR found a way to make a “clean break” from the mess and hazards of oil/grease/solvent-based rust prevention by developing our own water-based RP that is easy to apply, dries quickly, isn’t sticky or tacky, and that protects ferrous metals stored indoors for up to one year — it’s our Dry Coat and Dry Coat ST Rust Preventative — Invisible Protection, Visible Results.

ARMOR Built a Better Mousetrap (a.k.a., Rust Remover)

Removing rust can be time-consuming and labor-laden.  While many methods require grinding, sanding, scrubbing or the use of toxic, abrasive and harmful chemicals, Armor Protective Packaging® has developed a line of rust removers that fly in the face of traditional methods.

ARMOR’s Metal Rescue® Rust Remover is available in ready-to-use BATH or on-the-spot GEL.  Both formulations are environmentally-friendly and remove rust from iron and steel without any harmful or corrosive acids, alkalis, or solvents.  Metal Rescue is easy to use — simply soak or apply, check periodically (process time varies dependent on severity of rust) and remove when desired results are achieved.

The take away — rust removal does not have to be complicated or caustic to be effective.

ARMOR is your partner in innovating specific corrosion management and corrosion inhibiting solutions. ARMOR VCI products decrease the rate of attack on metals and prevent metal corrosion. Corrosion is a costly waste of time and money and corrosion inhibitors retard and slow down corrosion. ARMOR VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) products decrease the rate of attack on metals and prevent metal corrosion.