Specially designed for temperature sensitive perishable goods. The Thermal Box regulates the temperature in the box to ensure the contents stay fresh during transportation. The insulation can either be on the exterior or an interior lining in the box.


Top of the market thermal insulators that are developed and manufactured to ensure thermal control for long periods. Rolls are made to be adaptive to your needs. Combined with our very own Bubblest™ technology for external protective support.

Our foil bubble rolls are made of radiant barrier insulation that protects shipments against extreme ambient temperatures.

CooLiner insulated bubble wrap is IPC’s premier insulation line for protection of varying size of containers, pallets and other packages or freight.

The lightweight foil insulation is engineered with a dual-layered structure, fused with an intelligent bond solution. The durable material is impervious to tears or rips, and provides effective temperature control throughout the duration of your shipment.

Easy application.  Simply position the reflective insulation over your shipment, and quickly seal with built-in adhesive strips. This ease of operation allows you to streamline your shipping processes, providing valuable cost savings.


Ideal for larger packages and containers. The Thermal Blanket can be customised to fit all kinds of containers. Made to be durable so as to withstand shipping and handling. Recyclable to reduce waste and improve cost-efficiency.