Foam Tool Inserts

Foam Tool Organizers.
Foam Kitting Solutions.
Hard Case Foam Inserts

Projects & Prototypes

High-performance foam tool inserts are trusted by customers for years and dedication to delivering their expectattions. Industries such as aviation, manufacturing, automaton, and tooling are just a few to mention out of hundreds we have serced and will continue to produce highly innovative and competitive solutions. Our high-performance foam tool inserts have been used together with some of the world's popular hand tools.

Foam Tool Organizers

Suitable to compliment manufacturing and industrial processes such as Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive etc.

CNC-Aided Routing of Acrylic Tags

Minor details perfected by CNC-aided machines to standardize functionality and to enhance corporate branding.


Innovative Design

Attractive color combination for maximum visibility. Minimal yet functional placement of profile for cost-effectiveness and ergonomics.


International Standards Compliant

Design and process conducted in producing high-performance tooling foam undergo a rigorous test to ensure that the products that leave from XPAC are certified.




Foam Kitting Solutions

Perfect application for Automotive Aftermarket Kits in organizing tools, machine spare parts and many more.





Hard Case Foam Inserts

Additional cushioning to house prototypes and other high-value products that need special protection.

CNC Precision Cut

Every high-performance foam tool is a product of high-precision CNC aided machine to produce nothing but accurate output.


Protective Cushion Layer

An effective and efficient protective cushioning is the product of combining highly skilled design engineers, advanced technological software, and high-performance material to maximize its potential..


High-quality Raw Materials

Only high-quality and high-performance foam tool raw materials are the sources to ensure a more consistent and reliable product

Transit Damage Protection

Designed to ensure optimum protection especially during transport from point A to point B. Each product is tested with ISTA’s Drop Test and Vibration Test Machines.


Surface Impact Protection

Providing protection for high-valued equipment used in photography & videography, professional audio, medical apparatus, and even military application.


High-Performance Cushion

Trusted by one of the biggest industries in aviation and public transport in providing protection for high-precision, delicate and sensitive equipment and instruments. High-performance foam tool products made its name for its reliability and durability.