In any kind of enterprise or space, items or collections cannot be prevented from accumulating over the years. The same goes for equipment in the workspace. The Kit Cart™ Pipe and Joint fabrication system, however, introduces simple solutions for common utility problems in industries such as economy of space, money and time.
The Kit Cart™ Pipe and Joint fabrication simply work as a connect a tube method with a variety of available joints to securely hold tubes together. Made by a combination of high-grade steel pipes and joints, this technology makes handling and storage more efficient complying to the standards of the lean management system. The joints that hold pipes together help reduce pipe bending stresses that often cause fatigue cracks.

The main highlight of the pipe and joint fabrication is that it allows the creation of a variety of organizational and personalized equipment like shelves, racks, work tables, and trolleys that help clear clutter, economizes the workspace and maximizes material handling. Its flexible and versatile nature also helps industries build personalized assembly stations, storage racks, packaging tables, and workstations and more that can be expanded or disassembled conveniently whenever needed.
Known to many, interior space, in particular, affects work concentration and productivity. The Kit Cart™ Pipe and Joint fabrication for this matter help in providing quality workspace for its workers providing adequate organizational shelves, racks, work tables, trolleys made to fit their needs. With the pipe and joint assembly stations and packaging tables, this bespoke technology allows users to design the specific dimensions of their working stations to maximize the work without having to go back and forth, or endlessly search among piles of stocks.
Time is another essence that can be addressed by the Kit Cart™ Pipe and Joint System. With it’s “connect a tube” characteristics, the pipe and joint fabrication save time during assembly such that its variety of joints easily locks pipes together without the need of welding, soldering or metal bending. Furthermore, with assembly trolley’s and movable racks, this technology allows convenient transport of equipment and materials around the workplace. This, therefore, saves a huge amount of time from manual labor and transport.


Opting for pipe and joint fabrication also saves money. With its flexible nature, the assembled racks or workstations system can accommodate heavy loading. Thus, instead of buying new carts to accommodate new equipment, industries will find this technology economic and cost-friendly method to go about their daily business functions. Also, in case of unprecedented cracks or damages, this technology simply needs a replacement of the worn-out joint or pipe without having to replace the entire unit, saving downtime and costing.
In general, the industries find this fabrication method, economic, time–saving and cost-friendly to help them go about their daily business functions. By investing money on just one pipe and joint fabrication company, a number of facilities can be assembled and provided for every business needs whether for micro or macro businesses. Thus it is time to invest in the Kit Cart™ Pipe and Joint System

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