Packaging systems are essential for our modern day-to-day business whether it concerns food, science, and commerce. It allows people to consume fresh, uncontaminated products in the quantities that people require. New generation living has fueled the desire for convenience products in ready to prepare single and multiple yields and developed this idea to reduce the potential amount of solid and perishable waste generated by households.

We can never imagine how the world would work without packaging systems, without protective and safe packaging methods. It will always be a necessity whether we choose to admit its significance or not. Imagine consuming, purchasing or delivering products without packaging. We, as consumers could not be as confident that our products are safe and consumable if they did not have any containers or if inappropriate materials have been used in our everyday consumables; and as manufacturers, we cannot ensure the optimum quality of the products that we produce if they are effective as soon as they are out of the box.

Like the production of any product, the production of packaging systems involves the consumption and usage of raw materials like energy and water which has direct effects on the environment. In a recent study focusing on the developed countries, it is said that packaging is responsible for around 3% of the waste that is sent to landfill, whether measured by weight or by volume.

Therefore, the materials that are locked up in the packaged items are about ten (10) times greater than the resources used for the packaging which protects the contents. It explains that by avoiding unnecessary product damage, the entire impact of packaging on the environment and on society is in fact positive. Obviously, the use of more efficient and appropriate packaging materials can significantly reduce wastage rates so as long as we (consumers and manufacturers) observe the significance of producing a more efficient, safe and environmental packaging system. XPAC Technologies, as one of the leading packaging manufacturers in Singapore, is driven to produce more earth-friendly packaging methods to ensure the best quality of your products and the environment.

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