2017 has paved the way for some of the greatest new opportunities that led the Packaging Solutions Industry to a more innovative, sustainable, holistic, technologically advanced and efficient directions. But amidst all the success, new challenges were uncovered and with the help of today’s innovative, resourceful minds that govern and run the industry, these challenges have been overcome and led everybody to turn their heads towards advancements that would allow greater potential throughout the value chain and across practices.

For a few years now, e-commerce has taken a major share of the retail market that allowed us to see a wildly large variety of online retailers that are shaping and re-shaping the rules of the rapidly emerging industry. This year, we have seen new packaging solutions to improve this significant drive to standardize packaging containers to handle shipping, and process modernized distribution and enable cross-brand bundling.

Global food waste is an ongoing, growing concern among consumers which businesses continue to address. 2017 led us to various ways to prioritize food safety and food waste reduction by launching new packaging solution technologies and processes. One area that has been given focus is consumer education, ensuring all groups in the chain understand the shelf life of each product. In order to bridge the gap in communication, one of the most promising features that were developed as a technology that is built into the packaging via freshness sensors that will alert consumers when it is safe to consume in order to avoid premature disposal and excessive purchasing.

As the holistic approach to packaging design becomes more and more relevant across different aspects of businesses, we have seen new advances in packaging design principles, together with developing new equipment that can help standardize this trend. By maintaining our steps and constantly challenging our limits, it is by no means impossible that we will have a groundbreaking 2018 for the Packaging Solutions Industry.

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