Intelligent Packaging Solution – There are dozens, a countless number of ways and factors to consider when achieving one goal. Same goes with achieving Sustainability in the intelligent packaging solution industry, we have mentioned a few of the most common ways to achieve a more ecological and economical community and it does not end there. Common packaging products like bottles and boxes, considering their durability are being optimized and are being recycled in various ways. But how about those packaging products that are disposable? Aren’t there any chances for these items to be recycled? Do these items end their purpose the moment that they are all used up? Are there any ways for us, manufacturers, to extend the use of these packaging solution products?

Reusable packaging is one innovation that is gaining popularity in today’s intelligent packaging solution industry, giving not only countless options on how to reuse our packaging products but also paying a large amount of dividend. Some of these ideas include KFC’s Reusable KFC Sides Container that is made out of polypropylene, with patented “Vent-less Vent Technology” that prevents the building up of moisture inside the container without requiring a hole in any part of the container. Another good example is PUMA’s “Clever Little Bag” that is an attractive reusable shoe bag with a striking red color that is used to package its footwear product that reduced their paper and energy consumption in an estimated 63% per year.

By now we should be able to understand that being ecological does not only mean using environmental-friendly materials but making sure we consume the right amount of resources in manufacturing these products are essential as well. Being economical is another thing, although using the right quantity of materials leads us to have a more cost-efficient process – there is always more to it. Nowadays, people or consumers are more driven and motivated to recycle products that they have in their respective households.

Our company takes part in this green revolution in all of the products they produce, ensuring its optimum ecological and economic benefits in today’s intelligent packaging solution industry.

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