Xpallet™ Plastic Pallet 

is the proud product of XPAC’s initiative towards the future – a “Green Sustainable Packaging”. The material of the next generation to be used as alternative means to traditional wooden pallets


Xpallet™ Plastic Pallet can be transported to any location at a very low cost.

A few pallets of deck board and stringer is equivalent to a container of assembled pallets. Compared to traditional pallets, Xpallet™ plastic pallet can be shipped over long distance unassembled, saving both cost and space.

Unlimited Possibilities.

Xpallet™ plastic pallet offers nothing but ultimate flexibility period. It can be transported pre-assemble to maximize space during shipping that will cut a lot of freight cost. Xpallet™ offers easy assembly process because XPAC prioritizes business’ ultimate goal – PROFITABILITY.

Built to Last. Light in weight but heavy in load.

Xpallet™ plastic pallet are practically made of composite materials – notably strong and considerably portable. Composite materials can withstand wear and tear from rugged applications, especially from getting wet.

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