VoidPAC™ Loose Fill Packaging Material

Void Filling Efficiently.

VoidPac™ Loose Fill Packaging Material

Singapore’s leading loose fill material needs provider. It is uniquely designed that interlocks to form a protective barrier around the product. It provides superb cushioning, efficient filling of void spaces, flexibility over various types and shapes, very safe and cost-effective.


Superb Cushioning

Flexible property of the shape, which is not over-expanded. Acts like a shock absorption spring to protect your products.

Cost Effective

VoidPAC™ Loose Fill Packaging Material is extremely lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about extra charges for shipping.

All Around Application

Protects any type and shape which allows easier and faster way to secure the packing.


Highly Reusable

VoidPAC™ Loose Fill Packaging Material is durable enough to retain its cushioning protection after repeated use.

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