High-Performance Tooling Foam

Sophisticated. Tailored. Outstanding.

Proudly produced from the heart of XPAC’s Technology Packaging Center, high-quality tooling foam aims to provide a customized quality and flexible extensive products. This sophisticated process includes utilizing only reliable raw materials, designing complicated projects through advanced CAD and CAM software. Stream-lined cutting with one of the industry’s advanced CNC machines down to special thermo-bonding technology of the materials are embedded with ISO based quality assurance.

Shadow Boards

Fullfills 5s manufacturing and industrial processes such as Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, Electronics and many others.

Foam Kitting Solutions

Perfect application for Automotive Aftermarket in organizing tools, machine spare parts and more.

Hard Case Foam Inserts

Additional cushioning to house prototypes and other high-valued products.

Meticulously Engineered

At the heart of every great product lies a very committed team that carefully watch every step of the process to achieve high-precision and world-class custom made packaging solutions. XPAC strictly comply with ISO based processes in every department of the production.

Custom built for your needs

Certified to be the most superior material that can provide the best protection to delicate products and tools. XPAC’s Packaging Technology Center paired with cutting-edge CNC machines is capable of producing highly sophisticated and customizable products for comprehensive applications.

Extensive Application

XPAC understands that every business is unique. XPAC’s Packaging Technology Center is suited to cater every business to provide optimum and efficient yet cost effective packaging solutions.

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