Corrugated Box

Heavy Duty Rigid Cartons
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Total Customization

Designed by XPAC’s Packaging Innovation Center, A3 high-performance corrugated box is manufactured and designed specifically for any heavy-duty applications. A3 high-performance corrugated box is first in the world, a heavy duty box that is made of paper and plastic


Certified A3 (triple-layered) flute corrugated materials are being utilised to ensure a rigid protection and maximum support to heavy products


Materials used are either recycled or composite in order  to adhere the company’s initiative towards “Green Sustainable Packaging”


Packaging Innovation Centre is highly capable of meeting challenging requirement to provide optimum and efficient packaging solution.

Heavy Duty Rigid Cartons

Triple-layered heavy duty corrugated carton provides an impressive performance to give reinforcement and protection to most of the applications available. It can cater extra loads and maintain extra secure packaging.

Easy Integration

High-Performance Corrugated Box can easily be combined with other solution such as Xpallet™ and PE Foam.

Quality Matters

Production processes are closely monitored by quality assurance department to ensure a consistent output.

Corrugated Box

XPAC’s corrugated box features versatility. Caters a variety of customized applications. Commonly used type of protective box includes a regular slotted container (RSC), pizza type corrugated box and pizza-type of folding.

Digital Printing

Full-colour digital printing capability. One of the few in Singapore to offer a High-Mix, Low-Volume Capability on an “On-Demand” production.

CNC Aided Design

Regardless of the demanding requirements, our design team is capable of delivering expectations to satisfy your needs.

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