High-Performance Corrugated Box

Created to Exceed Expectations


Packaging Technology Center reinforces these outstanding materials with Intelligent and Innovative Packaging processes achieving optimum performance of the product.


XPAC’s high-performance box came mostly from recycled and composite materials to adhere the company’s initiative towards “Green Sustainable Packaging”.


Packaging Innovation Center designs are highly capable of meeting every unique requirement to provide optimum and efficient packaging solution.

Total Customization

Designed by XPAC’s Packaging Innovation Center, A3 high-performance corrugated box is manufactured and designed specifically for any heavy-duty applications. A3 high-performance corrugated box is first in the world, a heavy-duty box that is made of paper and plastic

Heavy Duty Corrugated Carton.

Triple-layered heavy-duty corrugated carton provides an impressive performance to give reinforcement and protection to most of the applications available. It can cater to extra loads and maintain extra secure packaging. Heavy-duty corrugated carton took one step ahead to align with the company’s vision of reducing carbon footprint. Raw materials composed of the high-performance boards are simply recycled without compromising its quality.

Corrugated Box.

XPAC’s corrugated box features versatility that caters variety  of customized applications. Common types of corrugated box includes regular slotted container (RSC), pizza type corrugated box and other commonly used type of boxes.

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