Fiber Drum Packaging

Fibre drum packaging

Offers from liquid to solid materials, for food, glue, paint and wire industry to a wide range of specialized hazardous products for pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industry, fiber drum caters a comprehensive of product requirements. It begins with paper, a sustainable material which is conventional and yet, has outstanding properties: light and rigid at the same time. This leads to greater transport and packaging efficiency with fiber drum’s lighter weight and excellent stack strength.


Comprehensive Application

Innovative & Ecological

Radial & Axial Resistant


Customized Solution


Fibre paper drum packaging or better known as “fibre drums” are globally popular as a packaging medium of wide variety of products ranging from powder, granular, paste, solid to semi-liquid products and can be made to your specific needs and to UN Transport standards. Fibre drums are produced in standardized diameters, with fully customizable heights and weight constructions to specifically match the demands and requirements of customers and end users.

World Class Product

Fibre drum packaging coming from XPAC is a world-class quality. Accredited with ISO 9001 : 2008 and 14001 : 2008 process, ensuring every product is uncompromised. Especially when handling delicate, hazardous and high-valued products that required extra care during shipping.  A reliable protective packaging resistant to bacteria and fungi, fluctuating temperature and stress of the drum like axial and radial stresses. Fibre drum packaging material features sustainability because it undergoes in a very low-energy manufacturing process.

Very Useful Applications:

Powders and Granules • Adhesives •Foodstuffs and Flavorings • Dyestuffs and Colorants • Wire and Cable • Rolled Sheet Materials

Fibre Drum Packaging Container Options 

The application and performance of fibre drum packaging container can be improved significantly by numerous range of options such as;

  1. Polyethylene (PE) lining – removes the need for separate liner bags and also allows semi-liquids to be packed.
  2. Polyfoil lining – removes the need to separate linings and offers better moisture protection.
  3. Water Resistant – applicable when fibre drum packaging container is required to be stored externally.

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