Go green XPAC Technologies! – Together with the evolution of the new age, today’s general market is also evolving when it comes to sensitive matters like Sustainability and making the world a safer, eco-friendlier place. But how can we, in the packaging industry contribute to that cause? Eco-friendly packaging (sometimes called Ecological or Sustainable Packaging) is defined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition – Eco-friendly Packaging is safe for individuals and the environment, is easily recycled, utilizes renewable energy, uses as much renewable or recycled materials as possible and requires the least amount of materials and energy as possible.

Using sustainable or recyclable packaging materials is the easiest way to make your packaging product naturally beneficial. It is vital for an eco-friendly packaging product to use between recycled and recyclable resource. Recycled paper is one example of a resource that can be used in making corrugated boxes. Environmental-friendly air cushions are also one of the best options to provide support to your product without compromising its sustainability. The use of Expanded Polystyrene or otherwise known as Styrofoam has started to deplete year by year because of its harmful effects on the environment. Although, most experts would say that using recycled materials are even better to use than recyclable ones for the fact that it can minimize that current waste that we have and turn it into something very useful.

Great fit always means lesser materials used. The use of your ‘green’ packaging materials is only as beneficial as the quantity used. No matter how eco-friendly your materials may be. As per definition, your packaging design needs to incur the least amount of materials. Too much excess space or material that is used can not only waste the available space but also compromises the product’s safety during transportation.

XPAC Technologies, being one of the most trusted and leading manufacturer of product packaging solutions, also takes part in today’s green revolution together with the rest of the world. Go green XPAC!

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