Foam End Caps – Today’s packaging industry has gone a very long way through the course of time. Endless innovative ideas are being pitched every day from all around the world, with ideas in line with every packaging manufacturing company’s main vision – to provide the best protective packaging solution that is cost-efficient, environmental-friendly with the most promising durability characteristic. Polyethylene (PE) Protective foam is one of the fruits of this worldwide innovation and is now widely used in various protective packaging applications because of the numerous characteristics that it possesses which sets its superiority from other protective packaging solutions in today’s packaging industry scene. One common application of PE Foams is the Foam End Caps. But, aside from it being made from PE Protective foam, what exactly is it?

Traditionally, foam end caps are made out of PE Protective Foams that are accurately manufactured to support the product by encapsulating the two ends with the protective foam. This concept provides maximum protection of any end cap design. The Foam end caps are then placed on the ends of the product which are placed in a corrugated box. The empty space in between the product, box, and foam, which is called an Air Cell, then gives the product ample space to move while the PE Protective Foam compresses and absorbs all the shock while being in transit. There are three commonly manufactured kinds of Foam End Caps that are used depending on the product, the material, and the protective requirement. The Traditional End Cap set that is used for heavier, more valuable items where protection needs to be at maximum, the Ribbed End Cap set that relies on sufficient space to effectively protect the product and lastly, the Hinge Lock End Cap Set where it is considered to be the most innovative for its design and cost-efficiency while providing the maximum protection among the three kinds.

XPAC Technologies, the manufacture of Singapore’s leading High-Performance Tooling Foam provides you with protective foam that has an extensive bespoke application that is most suitable for your needs.

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