Customized Packaging Manufacturers – For some years now, the Packaging Industry has been greatly invested in such sensitive topics like Sustainability – how it will be achieved and maintained. Various companies are currently baffled about minimizing carbon footprints in manufacturing packaging designs in an attempt to create a greener approach to packaging solution technology. Over the course of extensive research by multiple sources, we were able to learn a lot of truths from the topic. One of it is that sustainability is not yet achieved, at least not yet. There are more environmental-friendly products that have been manufactured, but complete sustainable packages are still yet to come.

Being truly sustainable means choosing the right materials in the right quantity. With the use of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCAs) software, can help us make a more informed material selection and design decision for potential packaging solution products where we can gain visual guidance on a common set of ecological pointers. One of these applications is the COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment) by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Since this application is still in the process of evolving, it is highly advised to choose a program and stick to it; different tools can provide different metrics that can confuse the process.

As customized packaging manufacturers, we should be mindful of the quantity of the materials that we use in our products. We should ask ourselves, “Can changes be made to use less material without compromising product quality and integrity?” Evaluating the components of the package is a great practice to know what needs to be innovated. Trends in innovating plastic caps, labels, corrugated materials and other components that improve the package-to-product ratio by reducing unnecessary material usage are now gaining popularity in a lot of manufacturing companies in an attempt towards a greener industry.

The pursuit of achieving sustainability in the packaging solutions industry does not halt in these few ways. As customized packaging manufacturers and consumers, we are all responsible for achieving a more ecological and economical packaging industry anywhere, everywhere.

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