Shipping and storing supplies and equipment can be very troublesome especially if the objects are considerably heavy. Even if the equipment and supplies are said to be well-organized, sooner or later there will be the need to move them around the place. With no rollers or platforms, equipment bases are prone to scratching, denting and damage. Thus, to answer this storage, shipping, and transport dilemma in workspaces or warehouses, companies are highly recommended to invest in customized plastic pallets such as the Xpallet™ Custom Plastic Pallets.

The Xpallet™ Custom Plastic Pallets are customizable pallets and first in the world to use “composite plastic” that is flexible, durable and economic by nature. Such features definitely increase and optimize work output by saving a lot of time and space especially in busy industries.

These custom plastic pallets, made from PWC (Plastic Wood Composite), and unlike conventional plastic pallet, which is molded, Xpallet™ is the first in the world that is modular and customizable to any design. Firstly, it can easily attach or detach itself to another pallet. Unlike wooden pallets that require nails and angle bars to be sturdily connected, the custom PWC has fitted entry edges that can easily connect to another pallet. Meaning, equipment, and supplies that take up a wider space can be accommodated also by the pallets. Secondly, because it is made of plastic, it does not undergo intense bending stresses during shipment or transport. When the conveyor picks up the heavy load, it simply scoops it from under the pallet without the problem of losing support or damaging the equipment. Thirdly, because it is customizable, the composite plastic that can be customized to any size and design according to customer’s requirement. Say, small loads for household storage can be provided with smaller pallets while factories may need wider bigger pallets to withstand the heavy loads.

Since these are plastic pallets and the loads involved are usually massive, the question ‘will the plastic hold?’ comes to mind. The Xpallet™ Custom Plastic Pallets, however, are specifically created to be durable against heavy loading. Despite its lightweight nature, its composite plastic material is more durable than wooden pallets since wood deteriorates quickly due to mildew and moist that can later harbor bacteria or wood mites. Also, wood pallets are heavier and cannot be collapsed easily for keeping, thus doubling the weight during transport. These customizable plastic pallets, however, weigh less compared to the weight it can carry. For instance a 1.2 sq. meter plastic pallet that weighs around 15kg can actually hold up to 3000kg static weight and 1000kg dynamic weight. If these plastic pallets get interconnected then it only means it can contain a greater amount of load.
Having showcased the two important traits of the custom plastic pallet, this means that the pallet is also very economic. In terms of cost, custom plastic pallets are cheaper than investing in wood pallets. Heavy-duty wood is expensive and requires other tools like splinters for assembly. Meanwhile, the manufacturing processes of the plastic pallets are cost-effective with no additional materials needed other than the high-grade plastic for creation. Furthermore, given that it can carry a lot of weight this means it does not require additional weight supporters to carry heavy-duty equipment.

Thus, the Xpallet™ Plastic Pallet would be a practical item to invest in. Apart from being the very first PWC pallets, it is very economical, flexible, and durable for the storage and transport of any heavy load.

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