Corrugated Carton Boards – If there is one thing in the entire history of the packaging industry that has been very popularly used from era to era, that would be the use of the corrugated carton boards in creating boxes for storage and transport. Ever since it was patented in 1856, it has since then become a great raw material where we, from industry to industry can all benefit. In order for us to use this product’s optimum capacity, we need to understand more of its key concepts.

Regarding the composition of the material, a basic and standard sheet of corrugated carton boards consists of 3 main components. These are a sheet of fluted material in the center, placed between two layers of papers which make the outer and inner liners. Each side is then glued to the flat paper lining material during manufacture; the glue places it in position and adds rigidity and stability to the materials.

There are two main types of papers that are generally used for the liners. Kraft Paper is made out of softwood trees, taking advantage of their “virgin” fibres which are known to be the strongest type of paper as well as the easiest to print on. This makes it the most commonly used outside liner. Test Paper is another type of paper that is made out of recycled papers that are double layered (or duplex) paper. It is not as strong as Kraft, neither it is easier to print on that’s why it’s more commonly used for the inside liner. Each liner type is also made of separate sheets. A basic layer is used for adhesion and added strength, while a finer cover layer is used mainly for improving aesthetics and to help to print more effectively and conveniently.

High-Performance Corrugated Box ensures maximum durability that is greatly capable of meeting every unique demand for its versatility without compromising the proper use of natural raw materials for a greener and more sustainable packaging.

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