Containerization effects – whether we belong to the consumer or the manufacturing group, we all share the same perspective in keeping our transported goods in their best condition from packaging, transportation and all the way to the end-product users. Although, there are some differences as to what our priorities are regarding this matter. As for the people who ordered the transported goods, their priority is the products’ condition, the moment their parcels arrive at their warehouses, shops or doorsteps; on the other hand, as manufacturers and users of the packaging technologies like retail companies, brokers, etc., the priority lies in keeping the transported products in its most pristine state while in transit, using the best handling and transporting techniques without spending too much expense.

Containerization has been a great solution for today’s major problems in transporting packaged products. Containerization is a system developed for a much more organized intermodal freight transport using intermodal or shipping containers, where standardized dimension for the containers is strictly imposed. With this system, containers can be loaded, unloaded, stacked and transported seamlessly to great distances by being transferred from one mode of transport to another. Computerized tracking methods keep the cargos with the packaged products organized and this also utilize the use of mechanical cranes and forklift trucks. It is important for us to know how this greatly affects the quality of the packaging technology that we use on our products, in this way we can understand how to make the most out of the containerization effects system to maintain quality delivery and cost-efficient freight. By understanding this, we figure out the right packaging technique and materials to be used on a specific group of products that are to be shipped over great distances. Even though we can attest the superiority of our packaging techniques; if it does not suit the mode of transport, our confidence in our goal – to provide the most advantageous protection to our transported products, will be at great risk. The understanding of modern-day containerization is beyond any doubt, essential for everyone in today’s protective packaging industry.

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