Bubble Wrap Fun Facts – Reliable, durable and stress-releasing – these three words are some of the most common traits that one can think about when it comes to talking about the iconic Bubble Wrap. But, what more is there about this revolutionary invention that we need to know? Here are some facts that might interest you to know more about the Bubble Wrap.

Bubble Wrap Fun Facts # 1

The first bubble wrap was designed to be textured wallpaper. One afternoon in New Jersey, Al Fielding, and Marc, Chavannes designed it to be a wallpaper but unfortunately, this product did not take off as planned and the market was not biting into it, until the time they discovered its cushioning capabilities. This marks the start of its rise in the packaging industry.

Bubble Wrap Fun Facts # 2

IBM was the first to use the bubble wrap as a supplementary package cushioning material. Three years after its accidental discovery, a marketer finally came up with the idea to use it as packaging material. IBM then purchased the Bubble Wrap to protect its newly built 1401 computer where it projected a significant rise in its sales. 10,000 units were sold in the first five weeks and 5,000 more were projected. Thanks to the efficiency of the bubble wrap, protecting the fragile equipment became a lot smoother.

Bubble Wrap Fun Facts # 3

They are not balloons. A huge part of the consumer population has this misconception about how the bubble wrap is being made. It is not made by filling the air inside just like how balloons are inflated. It is actually made by trapping air bubbles in between two (or more) sheets of processed polyethylene as they are heated and passed between rollers.

Bubble Wrap Fun Facts # 4

Bubble Wrap Therapy is real. A studies and “pop” polls indicate that one minute of popping the bubbles in the bubble wrap provides stress relief that is equivalent to 33 minutes of massage.

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