We are all not foreign to the bubble wraps’ efficient and promising protective characteristic, yet there are a lot of times that we still struggle with using the product. We often encounter problems or we may not have been getting the right results as promised. It’s important to know the proper ways on how to use a basic but innovative product like the bubble wrap. Here are a number of ways on how you can make the most out it and elevate your bubble wrap experience, both for you and your product.

Wrap it tight. Bubble wrap is optimized to absorb shock especially when in transit; it provides ample protection in case an item is dropped and has been constantly shifting and slamming against other products. It is best to pack and tape it tightly to avoid chances of slipping. Keep in mind that a single layer serves as a surface protective coating and it would be best to use multiple layers in order to provide efficient shock and vibration isolation.

Extra padding can go a long way. There might not be any other product as efficient as bubble wrap when it comes to protecting your items. It may not be always enough to secure the product when you’re planning to move it from one place to another. Filling any remaining space inside the box with crumpled paper or packing peanuts is highly recommended especially when handling fragile items.

Seal up and label them all. When using bubble wrap, it is essential to seal it as tight and with as less amount of air possible. This is to ensure that the parcel does not move around. Seal the opening of the wrap with an easy-to-use adhesive tape. Since the bubble wrap (multiple or single layered) is hard to see through, you may not be able to identify which product is being sealed. Label your packages to avoid confusion, save materials and save time when packing and unpacking. Masking tape can be used to seal every individual package and write the name of the item that is wrapped inside.

There are tons of ways on how to elevate your bubble wrap experience by utilizing and ensuring that it gives the best protection to your items. While the bubble wrap may be one of the most convenient and promising product packaging products, it’s always good to make sure that we provide extra protection to our items as much as possible.

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