Primitively, people had no need for transporting goods, they had to make use of all the products and materials that they can find in their local communities. But as the time progresses, various types of transportations have been invented and people found a way to transport their parcels. It wasn’t until Rowland Hill, an English teacher, inventor, and social reformer found a way to create the original basic concepts of modern postal service which made a breakthrough and transformed the post into what we know today. Rowland Hill introduced the world’s first adhesive stamp and implemented the uniformity in the postal prices. In this time in 1883, the people could send packages cheaper and have them delivered by an official Postman via stagecoach or rail. Eventually, the need for parcel packaging grew and with it, the industry was born.

E-commerce became the biggest catalyst for postal packaging development

 United Kingdom’s The Royal Mail started to look for safer and more efficient ways to deliver parcels, and since transportation held a major role, its development evolved as well. Horse-driven Coaches were originally used, and then bicycles. But as transportation became more advanced and was able to reach great distances, the need for the protection of goods increased.

The Kraft Paper was invented in 1879 and was used to provide the cost-effective form of protection, this introduced the idea of using internal cushions as added protection to the goods that were transported. But due to its disadvantages, companies focused on trying to find a much better alternative, one that is easy to transport and can secure optimum protection to the delivered goods. Eventually, Polyurethane Foam was invented and became popular during the mid-20th century and has been increasingly used mainly because of its lightweight and tear resistant characteristic. Today it comes in a diverse range of options offered by various companies around the world. Air Cushion Packaging, was first used in 1961 and became widely used, this not only has been used in transport but was also modified to be recycled in stocking items for the local household. Three years later, Padded Mailers, a different approach on Air Cushion Packaging were manufactured. Both Polyurethane Foam and Air Cushion Packaging Methods are still extensively being used. 

Nowadays, manufacturers are still driven to produce top-quality transport containers and protective support, exploring ways of where protective packaging can also be used. Due to the fast development of online retail, e-commerce became the biggest catalyst for postal packaging development. One of the challenges that protective postal packaging has needed to resolve is the customers’ increasing demand for bespoke packaging. Recent studies in America have shown that 66% of their customers believe that the packaging reflects the retailer’s value for the orders and almost half of them believe that the packaging is much better than the product itself.

As protective packaging materials are made out of non-biodegradable materials, companies are studying ways to produce supplies from recycled and biodegradable resources, in their vision to be more environmentally-sensible. In the near future, the protective packaging is expected to be enhanced and advanced and made sure that the most basic reason for its existence is being put to use – to ensure high-quality transported goods.

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