Air cushion packaging technology is one of the most widely used packaging techniques in many kinds of the industry today. With the rise of e-commerce or online retail shopping, the rise of the said technology has also risen up to overwhelming levels. Since these industries require constant transportation of goods, the companies behind them now have a clearer way of protecting their delivered goods up to the doorsteps of their customers. Air cushion packaging technology,  as one of the 21st century’s most promising packaging milestone, is not just applicable for e-commerce and courier industries but as well as traditional retail and electronic anti-static packaging. Modern modifications include the use of two layers of Polyethylene films with air valves in between each hemisphere; these films are then pressed with very high-temperature mold to melt them together and create the hemispheres in various shapes and sizes. Due to the extreme pressure inside each inflated air cushion (which is greater than the atmosphere pressure), it is ensured that it can provide strong compressive strength and versatility, thus preserving your goods and deliveries in its optimum state.

Being one of the 21st centuries’ major breakthroughs, Air Cushion Packaging is living up to its inventors’ vision.

With these specifics being said, there are a number of varieties of these products out in the market today. Air cushions like XPAC Technologies’ are simply one of the most outstanding and most capable choices there is. The Bubblest™  bubble packaging material is made to tailor fit all kinds of usage from VCI anti-rust application for metal products, standard protective rolls for more common and delicate parcels and even for the most sensitive electronic needs. XPAC Technologies have manufactured their air cushions in their own production plant, ensuring that these packaging applications to be very durable and flexible and can be used to its optimum potential and would provide superior protection that is very cost effective.

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